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Is there a question you have about the b kobe that hasn’t been answered yet? Here’s a list of questions we are often asked by travelers. If you cannot find the answers you need here, please contact us directly. We are waiting to hear from you.

How do I get to the hotel from Shin-Kobe Station?
Take the Kobe Municipal Subway Yamate Line (bound for Shin-Nagata/Seishin-Chuo ) and get off at the first station, Sannomiya.
Journey time: Approximately 10 minutes.
How do I get to the hotel from Sannomiya Station JR, Hankyu and Hanshin Lines?
Take the West Exit and walk towards the west for approximately 3 minutes.
How do I get to the b kobe from Sannomiya subway station?
Take the West Exit No. 3 and come up to the ground level. Walk to the right for 1 minute and you will find the hotel on your right.
How do I get to the hotel from Kobe Airport?
Take the Port Liner and alight at Sannomiya. Journey time: approximately 40 minutes.
Does the hotel have parking facilities?
The Hotel has its own multistory garage. Please note that the parking garage has a height restriction. Please see Hotel Information for the detail.
If your vehicle exceeds these dimensions, you will be directed to a neighboring parking facility. Please contact us for the detail and special offer.
Is there a convenience store near the hotel?
Turn left out of the main entrance. There is a Seven-Eleven store about 1 minute walk from the hotel. There is also a Family Mart across the street.
What credit cards does the Hotel accept?
The Hotel accepts Visa, JCB, American Express, Diner’s Club, MasterCard and Union Pay cards. Visa, JCB and MasterCard tie-up cards can also be used at the Hotel.
Is it possible to send luggage to the hotel prior to my arrival?
Luggage is accepted ONLY on the MORNING of your arrival. When sending luggage to the hotel in advance by a delivery service, please specify your arrival date with your name and date(s) of stay clearly indicated. Please send to the following address:
the b kobe (Reception) 2-11-5 Shimoyamate St, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 〒650-0011
May I have items that I purchased or ordered delivered directly to the hotel prior to my arrival?
For security reasons, we cannot accept nor store any commercial goods / online purchased (packages, boxes, bags, cartons, gifts or similar).
Is there a waiting list for room vacancies?
We are sorry, but the b kobe does not keep a waiting list for rooms. For availability, please contact the hotel directly.
What languages are spoken at the b kobe?
Our hotel team speaks English and Japanese.
Are there medical facilities with English speaking professionals near the b kobe?
There are some options for medical health care within 10 minutes by taxi from our hotel.
Kobe city medical center, Japanese Red Cross society, and Kobe city medical center have English speaking staff.
Is there a drug store near the hotel?
There is Daikoku drug store within one minute walk from our hotel.
Are there electronics retail shops near the hotel?
There is electronics megastore LAVI Yamada within one minute walk from our hotel.


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